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Barber 1A

Have little to no experience cutting hair?   No Problem.  The Barber Academy specializes in training students with no previous experience.  With continuous support and guidance from our highly experienced instructors, we will turn you into the barber you have always dreamed of becoming.


Barber Crossover 2A

Are you a licensed cosmetologist, and FINALLY want to learn how to use a straight razor? If so, The Barber Academy will help you develop the skills necessary to safely perform a classic straight razor shave, as well as increase your ability to give a great haircut.

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Are you a licensed barber or licensed cosmetologist, but feel like your haircuts can be better? With our one-on-one sessions, we will introduce you to techniques that will help you stay efficient with your time, all while maintaining the ability to perform a clean cut. The Barber Academy can help you take your skills to the next level, by introducing new tips and tricks to really help your haircuts stand out.