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The Barber Academy is a cutting edge institute paralleled by no other barber school in the Bay Area.  Guided by our team of experts, with more than 30 years of combined experience, we aim to provide you with the right tools and knowledge to become a successful individual in an industry full of opportunity.  With a strong focus in cutting technique and building clientele, our instructors strive to provide you with the finest barber education the Bay Area has to offer.


“By the time I left The Barber Academy, I fell in love with this craft. I am more than thankful to the instructors of The Barber Academy. The instructors are prime examples of what a barber is and should be. I am indebted to them for my successes and highly honored to have been a part of such an amazing program. They were my go-to’s when I needed help and still are.”
— Victor M., 2018
“I am so grateful for all the new skills I get to take out into this industry, and I owe it all to the awesome instructors and fellow students at The Barber Academy.”
— Lindsay D., 2018
“The Barber Academy is a place operated and created by a pair of hard working and real dedicated barbers. A place where the real dedicated truly become educated. So much more to come out of this place. One cut at a time. I can’t express how honored and glad I am to be a part of it.”
— Juan M., 2017
“Aside from learning an excellent technique from barbers that are still in the industry, I experienced first hand what it takes to be a successful barber. A year ago, I was completing the crossover program for cosmetologists. My technique has improved as well as my confidence in my craft. Learned from the best!”
— Evelyn V., 2017